Beach 2017, 11x14, 2017

The past 6 weeks have been a challenge with my trying to recover from pneumonia and dealing with a remodel in my downstairs. I have been lazing on the couch watching TV with the sounds of construction in the background.. Believe me, this scenario does not increase one’s creativity. But each morning I have tried to do at least some painting just because I have to in order to keep my sanity!.

I have been painting old familiar themes such as the.beach scene above. It feels good to put paint to paper no matter if I have painted similar works before.

Sometimes students or artist friends tell me that they are not painting, feel bad about it, but can’t seem to get restarted.. It occurred to me that revisiting a theme might be a good way to begin painting again. Maybe even repeating the same composition, because with watercolor, no two paintings are ever exactly alike. Just getting in the studio and brushing on color might get creativity re-started,.