James, 11x14,2018

Trying to paint in spite of some sort of chronic fatigue type syndrome, I have to devise ways to get something down on paper quickly while in a recliner. So a few days ago I pulled out my Dr. Ph. Martin’s concentrated watercolor set (not to be confused with the Doc Marten shoe line). Since sitting up for very long is a problem, I needed a fast and loose way to paint, and the dropper provided that.  Holding the paint dropper I quickly drew in head and shoulders,  based on a previous sketch of my youngest son., Then I applied some clear water to the concentrated watercolor to soften the face while still retaining the beautiful dark value.  Lastly i brushed in a background of burnt sienna and ultramarine blue for a background to “pop” the impressionistic figure.

Recommend:  try some “Doc” Martin’s with your regular watercolors!