After the recent snow here in the Seattle area, I am looking forward to Spring, or at least the ability to get out and take a walk! Along those lines, my watercolors will be featured at Brace Point Pottery (4208 SW 100th St) in West Seattle for the month of February. I’ll be there for the Art Walk on Thursday, Feb. 13th, barring another storm..

The painting, “Just Like Old times” is reminiscent of many hikes in the Pacific Northwest.I always take along a sketchbook and Sharpie pen as well as my cellphone for photos. Later back in the studio I paint a watery sky, then drop in very thick paint for the background trees. I paint negatively around the tree and figure shapes, saving some of the white of the paper. Then, using horizontal brush strokes, I brush in raw and burnt sienna watercolors to give the trees a shadow side and rounded look. Lastly, I finish the foreground and figures, leaving a little white around the people for emphasis.