Temporarily putting aside my paper and paints, I moved to new media:  an old t-shirt and elastic hair bands. Using a pattern down-loaded from the internet, I cut up the fabric, dusted off my sewing machine, and after several tries (I was too impatient to watch the you-tube instructions), sewed the masks you see in the photo. It was tricky because you must cut 4 pieces in order to have a lining. First sew together the middle seams, then pin together the resulting 2 large pieces, sew the seams, and turn inside out. If you are confused, so was I!  But after messing up a few times, I figured it out. Now I need to make more because what I thought was going to be a joke, turned real when family and friends started asking for them. I give them out with a warning that I am a painter, not a seamstress!

Recommend Tiana’s Closet website for clearer information. No sewing machine?  It’ll take longer, but you can do this with needle and thread.